Coaching ” FATT” Feed, Activate, Thanks, Trust.”


This course is offered on demand in Dutch, French, English and German.

To maintain our existence we ​​must nourish ourselves with essential mental and physical substances. We make an inner journey through your entire BEING and learn to work with the DNA. Eventually you get into your true MASTERSHIP again and take your life in your own hands. In the week that you are here you may rediscover yourself and reawaken your inner being. There will be periods for self-contemplation as well as times for sharing experiences with other guests. During your free time there is ample space provided for individual coaching or for you to process your own thoughts and feelings in private. In the evening, at the table or around the fire pit there is time for sharing, telling and listening to stories.

The course takes place from 10 am to 13 pm and from 15 pm to 18pm.

The price is on request.

It includes the accommodation + food + bed sheets + 1 Phoenix session + food and drink at 4 pm. Water, tea and coffee is also provided. Your transport from and to the airport of Sofia – Be the WellSpring.

Excluded is your flight This week takes place when there are at least 4 people registered. The booking closes three weeks before the start of the course so that we can notify the participants.