Horses coaching


On request, even when you come in group each coaching is personal.

These coaching sessions involve activities that take place on the ground next to the horse. There is no horse riding and you don’t need to have any experience with horses. For each of us this a unique and personal experience. It is also beneficial for specific groups such as adults, adolescents and children with a (slight) intellectual disability. For example people with ADD, ADHD, PDD -NOS, ODD, borderline attachment disorders, or anxiety disorders in the autistic spectrum etc.

Contact with the horse brings us closer to our “issue” and allows us to access the problems people are experiencing with assertiveness, bereavement, trauma counseling, self-reliance, confidence, communication or collaboration. Being with the horse can achieve a greater mediating effect for some, than being with another person, and gives us the time, confidence and inner peace that we need to resolve our issues. Therapy utilizing the horse enables one to push past self imposed mental barriers enabling self knowledge and improvement.

The horse promotes reflection in a way that contact with other people can not. Horses have the special ability to assess people very quickly. This quality of horses is very valuable in coaching people. The role of the therapist here is to assess what is required, to deliver proper exercises and to guide the process. When a person acquires new self-knowledge, this helps to center them, the horse instinctively senses and reacts to this change in the persons being. This is experimental learning and as such is very powerful. The transfer to other situations in daily life is thus established. This way of coaching people by cooperating with horses is very valuable because many different topics can be discussed and different target groups can be reached.