During your stay you can use our Phoenix Lounger and enjoy a massage focused on your needs.

The less good sleepers can use the magnetic resonance mat and those looking for coolness in the summer can take place in the Jacuzzi. (Currently under restoration)

_MG_0019Phoenix Lounger:

The Phoenix Lounger is a revolutionary invention.

With the heated stones and gemstones the body undergoes a detoxifying and nourishing harmonizing total therapy. The basis of all selected gemstones is silicon and carbon, building your immune system by detoxifying .

Everyone is constantly looking for ways to feel fitter and more vital, to detoxify and to throw off the daily stress. People are doing sports, dieting or taking nutritional supplements but those who are acidified and suffer from too much phlegm formation in the body, which has, however, little utility.

The heated stone warms the body to the deepest tissues. As a result, the body pores are opened and receive the minerals maximum access to the body.

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The large and small circulation of arteries and veins are located in and around all organs, intestines, joints and muscles. The pump systems in the knees, hips, elbows and shoulders lead the blood away from the small blood vessels. If the blood contains too many toxins and mucus and is acidified, jeopardizing the proper functioning of the small circulation is compromised. This is often the beginning of a disease.

A high level accumulated mucus is reflected among others in obesity, cellulitis, edema, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, menstrual problems and chronic back pain.

A shortage of essential fluids in muscles, tendons, cartilage, joints and brains leads to, inter alia, fibromyalgia, CFS, arthritis, arterial hardness,…

The Phoenix Lounger can reverse this process! The table allows you to perspire and all your waste and mucus drain. Small circulation is stimulated and there is an increased uptake of minerals through the gemstones.

This heat reaches five levels:

the epidermis: reinforcement, again feeding a healthy, glowing skin.
connective tissue: strengthening connective tissue
the Lymphatic drainage of fluid (among others cellulitis)
musculature: acidification
bone structure: deep heat circulation to the bone (chilblains)
The deeply penetrating heat and the operation of the semi-precious stones promotes perspiration and thus eliminates toxins and free radicals. By the elimination of toxins, the cells in our body are again better by the improved bloodflow. The cells find their original strength and function normally.


The body heats up and opens the pores;
The body is through the years acidified, pulling the organs together, as well as  muscles and tissue;
Through the lymphatic system, blood system, the urinary system, but especially through the pores and skin eliminating wastes and free radicals;
The body, detoxifies and deacidified ;
The specific operation of each gemstone through the skin and open pores the body absorbs.
The gemstones are the engine of the Phoenix Lounger. They provide the added value of the treatment by direct contact with the skin. Without them, no Phoenix Lounger. Each type of gemstone has its own character and physical and metaphysical composition. The semi-precious stones are positioned so that the intended sites of the body can be targeted.





Depending on the need, there are several massage available, by a recognized practitioner.

We are talking about          – sports

                                                – relaxation

                                                – Pressure point

                                                – Tibetan

– Stress – related



Magnetic resonance mat:

Through the pulsating magnetic field, that the shortage of geomagnetism has in the body is compensated by the MRS, which the body’s cells and organs get the energy that is vital for optimum health. The result of MRS is: relaxation, stress reduction, greater sense of vitality, improved sleep, the recovery of the immune system and the endocrine system.



Refreshing during the hot summer days.